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A formula of GROUNDED, WATER and FEMININE is what makes up my design aesthetic and process. My refined, grounding and feminine aesthetic articulates current trends through a greatly thought out and detailed approach. Growing up in a sustainable and coastal home, I habitually draw inspiration from the organic flow of the natural world. I particularly hone in on natural materials and uncomplicated approaches that reflect coastal culture. Interiors has become a great passion of mine over the past six months which is reflected through my use of homeware product styling and photography. The use of ceramic homewares communicates a grounding nature of solid materials as well as the imperfect curves of handmade objects. The repetition curved and organic line reflects undulating water and the ocean. It also reflects qualities of femeninity such as the female body and blooming flowers. This series of images pushed my formula to create new and innovative imagery that remains true to my identity as an emerging designer.

Ceramic Vase: Isabella King
Art Direction: Isabella King
Styling: Isabella King
Photography: Isabella King  

August 2021

Cargo Collective 2017 — Frogtown, Los Angeles