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︎︎︎ Portraiture

Mecurial is the reflection of the ocean and the unpredictable nature that emerges in the form of waves. Through neutral beige tones, dominant blues and organic textures that showcase movement, Mercurial comes to motion in the form of an exhibition. The bold blue won colour of the year by Pantone in 2020 and can be seen to instil calmness and connection, challenging us to think more deeply (Pantone, 2020). Derived from the commotion and undulating lines of waves, Creative Director Isabella King focuses on how such lines can be translated into an immersive and interactive space with a contemporary vision. The portraits themselves are titled after the four types of breaking waves, Spilling, Plunging, Collapsing and Surging (Arsdale, 2021). Inspired by the ruffled denim sleeve of an archived denim garment by King, a voluminous sculpture has been created. It can be seen as a surging wave of denim. Attendees are invited to take their own imagery in front of this textural piece.

Art Direction: Isabella King
Graphics: Isabella King
Styling: Isabella King
Photography: Isabella King  
Model: Mila Perrin

August 2021