Rock Pool

Graduate Project

︎︎︎ Interior & Food Styling
︎︎︎ Interior & Food Photography
︎︎︎ Publication Design

Rockpool is a lifestyle focused publication that looks at the experiences of coastal living. Derived from the unpredictable yet life-giving landscape that is the ocean, Rockpool aims to showcase the visual story of an uncomplicated, yet luxe, lifestyle. The Summer 2022 zine will explore grounding materials and the concept of coastal curves, highlighting the beauty in nature’s imperfection. Consumers have alway been drawn to organic elements that offer a sense of comfort and ease. With biophilic designs increasing greatly, natural materials have been selected in all food and interior shoots to invite touch and exalt organic senses. Coastal curves, found both above and below, can be rough or smooth in form. Rockpool offers the future of coastal living, looking at the silhouettes and forms that emerge from within.

Art Direction: Isabella King
Styling: Isabella King
Photography: Isabella King  

October 2021