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Sanctuary is the psychical, and emotional state, of coming home to spaces that evoke a sense of comfort, warmth and security through round forms, a neutral colour palette and an array of textures. Following a major shift to our daily lives and routines, 2021 will see people curating softer and more comfortable spaces in order to create an inviting sanctuary within their home (WGSN, 2020). This central idea of comfort in our lives is no longer constrained to just the bedroom or the colder months, it is being implemented into every room regardless of the season (WGSN, 2020). Due to this, the curated spaces will take place in the living room, bedroom and dining room and communicated through a transpersonal colour scheme. Today, more and more people have been seen making an eating comfort foods to bring back nostalgic memories and warm their soul. In line with this, the editorial imagery will showcase a collection of comfort foods that bring us joy.

Art Direction: Isabella King
Styling: Isabella King
Photography: Isabella King  

March 2021